List of Tours

Our tours are informative, yet informal, engaging and highly interactive.

Our tours offer a variety of things to do right from walking down the market place in downtown to seeing heritage structures of British era, experiencing the serene & crafty religious places, feeling the warmth of the Arabian Sea & relishing the yummy, finger licking local delicacies. We are constantly innovating, adding new exciting places to visit on our tour.

We offer:
- Half day city tour (4 hrs)
- Full day city tour (6 hrs)
- Spiritual tour (3 hrs)
- Slum tour (3 hrs)
- Bombay bazaar hopping and shopping tour (3 hrs)
- Customized tour

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We also offer a customized tour to our customers. We would love to design for you a tailor-made tour just for you based on your interest areas and preferences. We are always eager to plan the perfect itinerary for the day for you and make your tour memorable.

The information we usually need is the number of travellers, dates, also timing details if possible.


Additional information that we love having is

  • Any expectations you have for the tour, places that you have heard about and are interested in
  • Any specific requirements
  • And we love to have a little background on you. i.e. age group, your profession, and likes/dislikes if any. (we and our guests love the tours to be conversational, knowing our guests helps)

Expect to experience the following flavours of the city on each of our tours

Colonial Crossroads:

Even though the 17th century British fort was demolished in 1864, its presence persists in the area that is now called Fort. Impressive Gothic buildings and monuments house universities, libraries, fountains, churches and several art galleries, each with a history that is unique and occasionally amusing. Pit Stops can be made at tea-houses and traditional garment stores on the way.

Sacred History:

Mumbai’s oldest sacred tank is meter away from the ocean, yet filled with sweet water from an underground spring. The surrounding areas are filled with rustic temples with old relics and colorful tableaux. Not too far away is the Haji Ali mosque, located on an islet in the middle of the ocean.

Magical Markets:

Bombay’s old markets are a riot of color and clutter. The Islamic influence is evident at the Mohammad Ali road markets, where gramophones, vinyl records and old typewriters nestle comfortably with kebab and ice cream stalls. The bazaars are filled with specialists – one who treats abscesses, another who extracts edible oil from virtually anything and a local who mimics expensive perfumes from the whiff of a used bottle!